District Physical Forms

Required Paperwork for Athletic Participation
Fall sports are due by August 1st
 Winter sports are due November 1st
Spring sports are due February 1st.

 ** A NEW Clarence Packet must be completed for EACH SPORT

No Clearance packets will be accepted after the above dates.

One Physical Per Year must be handed in and be valid within one year of the start of that sports season.
(Example Previous Approved Sports Physical on Record 10/27/17 - current until 10/27/18 - would be able to use this physical for the Fall 2017 season but would have to get a new physical for the winter 2017-2018 season)  * one year is calendar year not school year*

(Please hand in your clearance packet as soon as possible within the designated time frame. If you have a current Approved Sports Physical on file or  If there is a delay with your new physical examination date you must still hand in the clearance packet by the noted due date with a note attached expressing current physical on file or the upcoming physical date.  If you feel there are extenuating circumstance, please contact the Director of Athletic directly.)

During the school year, completed forms must be turned in directly to the School Nurse.

During the summer, forms should be returned to the Athletic Physical Collection Box 
at the HIGH SCHOOL Main Office

 Incomplete forms will be returned to the student for completion 
by the parent or primary physician. 

 3 Part Process
Only the current Sayreville district forms will be accepted.  All forms must be completed and signed. Please keep all pages in the order they are received. Make a copy of all forms for your records before handing them in. ONLY HARD COPIES ACCEPTED - DO NOT FAX OR SCAN TO SCHOOL OR EMAILS

Part 1
Clearance Packets

High School Clearance Packet

Middle School Clearance Packet

‚ÄčPart 2
Physical Examination Forms

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Forms 

(submit the physical evaluation forms if your physical will expire before the start of the upcoming season; if not expired,  you only have to fill out the Clearance Packet)

Part 3
Essential Informational and Consent Forms

Below are links to various informational and consent forms required by the Sayreville School District, NJSIAA and/or state law. Please read each document carefully and thoroughly. As you complete the clearance packet for your child, you will be asked to sign off and confirm that you have read and agree to all the terms in these documents. These documents may be printed and kept for your records, but do not submit them with the clearance packets.



Below Read and Sign off in the clearance packet

Eligibility and Participation Consents

Concussion and Head Injury Fact Sheet

NJSIAA Banned Drug Classes

NJSIAA Steroid Testing Policy

Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes

Sports Related Eye Injuries Fact Sheet

NJSIAA, GMC and Sayreville Spectator Code of Conduct

All above information found at http://www.njsiaa.org/

*Resource from NJSIAA regarding banned substance and clarification of supplement use.
NJSIAA testing-and-education of supplements 

Important Information about
Medication and 

Students that may need inhalers, epi-pen, glucagon or other medication during sports must have a current doctor’s order on file in the nurses’ office. Medication orders must be written on the district medication form available at the nurses’ office. It is strongly recommended that these students provide an extra inhaler, epi-pen, etc. to keep in their team’s medical kit if needed. 

Physical Examinations

Physical examinations are only good for 364 days.
In addition to the forms in the Clearance Packet, students whose physical exam will expire before the start of their season must also complete the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation forms from the NJDOE:

- Page 1 (History Form) and Page 2 (Special Needs Supplemental History Form)
must be completed by a parent.
These forms need to be filled out before the physical exam and reviewed by the examining doctor
. They must be signed and dated within 90 days of the first day of practice. Both Page 1 and Page 2 must be completed and signed even if the student has no special needs.

- Page 3 (Physical Examination Form) and Page 4 (Clearance Form)
must be completed by the primary doctor.
Please be sure that everything has been filled out (e.g. height/weight, pulse, blood pressure, vision, etc.) or else the physical will be returned and have to be re-submitted. The form must include the date of the actual exam and the provider’s signature on both pages.

***Special Note: Please be aware that the healthcare provider you choose to complete the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation forms must sign the last page indicating that they have completed the “Student-Athlete Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module” and must provide a copy of their documentation to the Sayreville School District. If they have not already done so, have them attach a copy of the certificate of completion to the physical forms.

Please Understand the Following:

Students are not approved for participation in sports until the school doctor reviews the physical form and a notification letter is sent home.  Return completed forms as soon as possible to avoid delays in participation.  FINAL CLEARANCE CAN TAKE UP TO 2 WEEKS AFTER COMPLETED PHYSICALS ARE RETURNED TO THE SCHOOL.

Once the student has handed in all of their district paperwork and the school doctor has reviewed their physical form approving them for athletic activity, they will be fully cleared to participate in their sport. There will be no exceptions to this procedure.

The coach will be notified as soon as athletes are cleared. Make sure to check with your coaches well in advance of the start of the season regarding your clearance to avoid any problems on the first day of practice.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this important information

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