OnCouse Connect Annual Enrollment Update

Frequently Asked Questions:
OnCourse Connect Annual Enrollment Update

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Q: When can I complete the annual enrollment update?
A: Returning PreK guardians that will be entering PreK or Kindergarten can start the annual enrollment starting in November of the current school year. Guardians will need an OnCourse Connect account and will need to login at https://www.oncourseconnect.com . Directions for completing the annual enrollment update can be found on our registration page http://www.sayrevillek12.net/parents/registration

All other returning guardian annual registration will open in July prior to the start of the next school year. 


Q: How do I get an account for OnCourse Connect?
A: Accounts are automatically created when you register for Sayreville Public Schools or when a new guardian is added to a student's profile with a valid unique email address. To receive your account information you can use the forgot password link on the OnCourse Connect homepage https://www.oncourseconnect.com. Please note the forgot password link will only work if you have an existing account on file.  If you did not receive your account information please email parent.portal@sayrevillek12.net


Q: Once I complete the annual enrollment update, how long do I have to wait for bus routes and student schedules?

A: Student schedules and bus routes will be released by the school district in late August. Once you complete the annual enrollment update, you will be automatically returned to OnCourse Connect. At that point, you will be eligible to receive student information upon its release.  Unlike our previous registration systems, there is no delay between completion of the annual enrollment update and access to the Parent Portal. 


Q: I have more than one student in the Sayreville School District, how do I complete the annual enrollment update for multiple students?
A: All returning students in grades PreK-12 should be linked to your OnCourse Connect account.  After completing the annual enrollment update for the first student, you will be automatically directed to complete the annual enrollment update for any additional students.  If you are missing students from your annual enrollment update, please email parent.portal@sayrevillek12.net.


Q: In addition to students that are returning to grades PreK-12 for the next school year, I registered a new student, do I need to complete an annual enrollment update for this student?
A: This depends on what time of the year you registered the new student. All required information has already been collected as part of the New Student Registration form.  New registrants, will automatically be associated with your OnCourse Connect account.  If the new student is registered early the district may require you to complete an annual update as well to obtain the most current information for the new student. If this is the case you will be prompted to complete an annual update when you login to OnCourse Connect as a parent/guardian. If you are not prompted to complete an annual registration for a new student no additional action is required.   If your new registrant,  is not associated with your OnCourse Connect account, along with your returning students, please email parent.portal@sayrevillek12.net so that we can merge all of your students into one OnCourse Connect account.


Q: I am a student. Can I complete the annual enrollment update?
A: No. The annual enrollment update is only available to guardian accounts for OnCourse Connect and it is designed to be completed by a parent/guardian.  If your parent/guardian has not completed the enrollment update, you will not be able to access your schedule and/or bus information via OnCourse Connect.

If you are a new student your login information for all district resources will be provided to you by your school. If you are a returning student your OnCourse Connect login will be the same as your login for other district resources.  This account will only display your schedule and/or bus information if your parent/guardian has completed the annual enrollment update (may not be required for new students). If you are experiencing a problem with your account please contact student.techsupport@sayrevillek12.net


Q: I completed the annual enrollment update, but I am not able to access OnCourse Connect?
A: While there could be a technical reason for this, it is most likely because your child’s school has put a block on the account.  This could be for reasons such as outstanding fines or schoolbooks that have not been returned.  Please contact parent.portal@sayrevillek12.net and you will be directed to the appropriate person to resolve any outstanding situations that might be causing a block on your account.


Q: Why am I not receiving mass mailings, Bomber Blasts, or Secure Document emails from the Sayreville School District?
A: If you are not currently receiving emails from the Sayreville Public School District, it is possible that you have marked our emails as spam, unsubscribed from our automatic email system, have an invalid email address on file with the school district, or you are using an AOL email address, which blocks our automated email system. If you need assistance re-enrolling in district emails please email parent.portal@sayrevillek12.net.  If you are using an AOL email address, we strongly encourage you to utilize an alternate email address for school communications. Please contact parent.portal@sayrevillek12.net to update the email address on file with the district.


Q: I logged in to OnCourse Connect, but why is there virtually no information displayed during the summer months?

A: During the summer, there is limited information available on OnCourse Connect. In July the annual enrollment update will be available for the guardians of returning students. Student schedules and bus routes will not be available until late August.  During the school year, there will be active, real time data available from OnCourse Connect. 

Q: Can OnCourse Connect be translated in to other languages?

A: Yes, OnCourse Connect is compatible with Google Translate. https://translate.google.com/  or https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-translate/aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb?hl=en


Q: How can I secure assistance with OnCourse Connect?

A: Please contact parent.portal@sayrevillek12.net. Please be aware that at this time of year, we can experience high volumes of support requests.  Emails are answered in the order that they are received, and as quickly as possible.   If phone support is required, the person responding to your email will setup a contact time and number to speak with the appropriate representative within the School District.






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